Meet our great team !

How We Started

In March 2007 Pascale Aebi from Switzerland was the lucky new tenant of a worn down Xuhui venue that desperately needed a facelift. After many hours of construction repair and landscaping work, the new venue finally looked cozy and ready for business! The problem was that Pascale just couldnt think of the right name for her new venue? To solve this problem she enlisted the help of her friends, giving them a hint that the name should be easy to remember and needed to start with the letter “A”. The “name” feedback from several of her friends was how about “Abbey Road”? With her blessing Abbey Road Shanghai was born and the interior decorated according to its Beatles name. Many people were skeptical that a theme bar in Shanghai would really work? Clearly Pascale proved many people wrong! At the end of 2009 Pascale felt like it was time to return home and plan what her next business venture would be! She decided to hand the reins of Abbey Road over to her friend Muna Li who cherished this opportunity and has maintained Abbey Road the way Pascale would have. Today, you will find Pascale still in Switzerland where she has opened yet another restaurant in the beautiful countryside. She hopes when you get lost in Switzerland that you will visit her new B&B and Restaurant.

Abbey Road Today

Muna Li continues what Pascale Aebi started in 2007, starting with the most important part of good business and that is having a friendly attentive staff! In fact when we hire new team members we ensure that they have the right attitude and that they understand how important our customers truly are. Each and every day our team focuses on ensuring that our customers are satisfied, our prices are reasonable, and we have high quality food and drinks. This same recipe for business success was used to start a second Shanghai restaurant “Geneva” which is located in Changning-Gubei area near the Shanghai Zoo

Pascale Aebi, Founder of Abbey Road
Owner Muna
Our Chefs Roger & Tom